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Because I can

So, I recently had a major HD failure and discovered my backups were both corrpted.  Kids, BACKUP ON THE CLOUD!   gogledocs it!   Rebuilding is kind of fun though…


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Thoughts on writings

I get a fair number of people who ask for advice on defeating writer’s block and conquering that moment when the creativity just dries up. I do have a few things I can give as tips, and since I love sharing, here we go:

If you like writing and want to get better at being able to write without the occasional writer’s block, here are some tips. These are based on a philosophy that, like a musician practicing riffs and scales, you, as a writer, need to practice with your pen and words.

1) Write every day. Even if it is only a little bit, and about some random subject, do it every day.

2) At least a couple times a week, choose a random object (like a light post, or intersection, or person walking their dog) and write a paragraph or two description about it.

3) Find friends that like to write and have ‘jam sessions’ with them where you both write. A coffee shop or Denny’s is fine, and you can play joint writing games, like building off each other’s writing.

4) At least a couple times a week, choose a very descriptive sentence and figure out 5 different ways to eloquently say the same thing.

5) Read a little more. If you want to write, you need to read the things you like to write. Its a source of inspiration, yes… But it also starts refreshing the basics of the craft and gives you more to think about as you take the pen to the paper.

6) Just do it. As trite as the Nike saying is, it is also true. If you don’t make the time to write, you will never start doing it.

Thats all for now. If you have more questions or want more tips on this subject, don’t be afraid to shoot me a mail and ask! 🙂

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This blog is now active on EA. Interesting!

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living life by the book

I have decided that Life Sucks, ONLY if you let it.

Play by your OWN rules, or rewrite the book.

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New publication

Hi all! I have a new short published in the Anthology Of Fur And Fire as well as a teaser short for my novel shattered!

check em out!

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life takes control

Hey everyone, sorry I have been a bit reticent about posting blogs here. I am reseizing control of life from the beasts of day-job-slave-mastery and talking to my creative side again.

Right now – Second Paradigm has broken the sales records I was aiming for! Thank you EVERYONE who checked it out. Howl is doing well, serving its function to get people ready for Gothier Than Thou, as well as bringing in a lot of new readers who enjoy my satire of the Vampire culture. Gothier Than Thou itself is at the 80% done mark, with Perkier Than Thou (the second book of the trilogy) already through base outline process.

I will post some goodies soon 😀

Thanks for the continued support everyone!

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I will be at the Art Walk tonight (in Denver), with a booth and my books! Swing through and say hi.

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If Pro is the opposite of Con, what is the opposite of Progress?

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Exciting News

Exciting news! After much hoopla and ado, fighting to get books in with the major wholesalers, Howl is now available at Barnes and Noble. Its not necessarily on the shelves, but you can ask them to order it in. So, the next step is get Second Paradigm into the same system, and then chip away at Baker & Taylor (the other half of the distribution system!)

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